• Jolly Brisk!™

    By jove! What an absolutely spiffing XMPP Client and anyone who says otherwise is talking complete balderdash!

  • Mum's the word!

    Jolly Brisk!™ supports those security label thingies, helping you keep your personal particulars, particularly personal.

  • Crikey!

    One hates to blow one's own trumpet but it really is splendidly easy to use (even for servants). Be a good sport and download it as soon as you think it practicable.


Jolly Brisk!™

Jolly Brisk!™ has a simply marvellous design, making it the natural choice for chats with one's chums and pals. "Res ipsa loquitur" as my old tutor was wont to say.

Splendid!™ & Super!™

C++ (Splendid!™) and Java (Super!™) libraries for implementing XMPP applications of your very own old boy. A bunch of jolly good eggs have already used Splendid!™ & Super!™ as the backend libraries for their own spiffing commercial and open-source projects.


Jolly Brisk!™

One hesitates to be boastful in such a public environment but the comprehensive feature set of Jolly Brisk!™ is without parallel. Jolly Brisk!™ is suitable for use on one's own and in large-scale deployments with one's chums.

Splendid!™ C++ SDK

Splendid!™ is a robust and high-quality C++ library for implementing those tricky little XMPP applications. It's compliant with all of the relevant standards thought up by those frightfully clever chaps and chapesses at the IETF and XSF. Rather!

Super!™ Java SDK

Super!™ is a native Java (no JNI) port of the Splendid!™ C++ library by golly! After discussing it over dinner, followed by several brandies and a cigar, we decided it would be quite a wheeze to license Super!™ under the GNU General Public License.

Available for OS X, Windows & Linux

I have no idea what these things are but young David, the Isode butler, tells me that these are frightfully interesting "operating systems" necessary for Jolly Brisk!™ usage.