Some History

The Swift project was founded by Remko Tronçon and Kevin Smith, both co-authors of XMPP: The Definitive Guide and long-time members of the XMPP community, in an effort to create a better messaging client for users who want or need to access servers running with the standard XMPP protocols and who want a client that’s easy to use, responsive and unobtrusive. Since then the Swift ecosystem of software has grown to include XMPP libraries for multiple languages/platforms and assorted smaller XMPP tools.


The Swift projects have had contributions from many other people, whom we would like to thank:

  • for supplying the infrastructure for the Swift downloads.
  • Google and the XMPP Standards Foundation, through whom we’ve supported several successful student summer projects in the 2011 and 2012 Google Summer Of Code.
  • Arnt Gulbrandsen, Cédric Dubouloz, Catalin Badea, Daniel Baczynski, Ivan Tyumentsev, Jan Kaluza, Jan Kusanagi, Kim Alvefur, Lars Johansson, Maciej Niedzielski, Mateusz Piekos, Michael Vetter, Pavol Babinčák, Soren Dreijer, Szontágh Ferenc, Tarun Gupta, Thilo Cestonaro, Tobias Markmann, Vitaly Takmazov, Vlad Vocu, Yoann Blein, Frederik Schwarzer and Barun Parruck for their contributions of code and translations.


Swift , Swiften and Stroke are now part of the XMPP product set of Isode Ltd, a UK-based software house specialising in messaging and directory server software. Kevin Smith, one of the Swift Project founders, works for Isode as their VP Engineering (IM and Presence) and is responsible for the XMPP Product set.

All of the products remain Open Source, with Isode offering commercial licensing and support contracts to those who need them. More details can be found in this blog post.

If you are interested in using part of the Swift suite in a commercial project, please contact the Isode Sales team.

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