Swift 3.0: Changelog

Swift 3.0 has been superseded by 4.0. The main changes from 2.0 to 3.0 are:

  • File transfer and Mac Notification Center issues fixed
  • Fix connection to servers with invalid or untrusted certificates on OS/X
  • Support for the Notification Center on OS X
  • Users can now authenticate using certificates (and smart cards on Windows) when using the 'BOSH' connection type.
  • Encryption on OS X now uses the platform's native 'Secure Transport' mechanisms.
  • Emoticons menu in chat dialogs
  • Bookmark for rooms can now be edited directly from the ‘Recent Chats’ list
  • Adds option to workaround servers that don’t interoperate well with Windows (schannel) encryption
  • Rooms entered while offline will now get entered on reconnect
  • Chats can now be seamlessly upgraded to multi-person chats by either inviting someone via the ‘cog’ menu, or dragging them from the roster. This relies on server-side support with an appropriate chatroom (MUC) service.
  • Highlighting of keywords and messages from particular users can now be configured (Keyword Highlighting Blog post).
  • Full profile vcards (contact information etc.) are now supported and can be configured for the user and queried for contacts.
  • Simple Communication Blocking is now supported (subject to server support) to allow the blocking of nuisance users.
  • Swift can now transfer files via the ‘Jingle File Transfer’ protocol.
  • The status setter will now remember previously set statuses and will allow quick access to these when the user types part of a recently used status.
  • Tooltips for contacts in the roster now show their vcard profile information
  • The top of the roster window now shows a tooltip with your vcard profile information in
  • Chatrooms (MUCs) can now be bookmarked by right-clicking on their entry in the Recent Chats list, or from the ‘cog’ menu for any room you’re currently in.
  • The tooltips for MUC occupants now show their affiliation and role in the room (e.g. Administrator)
  • A new “Compact Roster” setting removes avatars and statuses from the roster.
  • Support for ‘right-to-left’ languages has been improved.
  • A small number of emoticons will be automatically rendered when receiving text, e.g. :), this can be disabled from the View menu.
  • Swift now distinguishes between contacts who have chosen to show as ‘away’ and those whose clients have noticed they’re idle (requires support in contacts' clients).
  • Typing search terms with the roster selected will start to search for contacts matching the terms (useful for users with large rosters).
  • An experimental ‘Trellis’ view for viewing several chats and rooms at once has been added. This is currently hidden; contact us if you’re interested in testing this feature.
  • And assorted smaller features and usability enhancements.

Thanks to all our contributors of code, translations, testing, ideas and other support.

Commercial Licenses

If you are interested in using part of the Swift suite in a commercial project, please contact the Isode Sales team.